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MCRO office

MCRO office

CLUJ, ROMANIA, June 29, 2022 / — MCRO is one of the recognizable brands when it comes to web and mobile development. MCRO has a team of top full-stack engineers, creative minds, and product developers helping businesses worldwide launch their next web or mobile project. Clutch, the leading marketing platform based on client reviews, recognizes them as one of the Top Mobile Application Developers in Romania. The people that made it all possible are creative minds and engineers, designers and storytellers, leaders and achievers, all working at MCRO. They are passionate about technology and committed to excellence in everything they do.

With ten years on the market and over 100 completed projects, MCRO proves that everything is possible through hard work and an engaging environment where creativity can thrive.

MCRO – unique solutions for your business

MCRO offers unique solutions for your business, personalized depending on the business criteria. The team is ready to bring all your ideas to life through creative thinking and up-to-date technology solutions.

The services provided by MCRO are:

– Web Development – the top-notch architects and full-stack engineers work with the latest technologies and tools to help you accomplish your business goals. MCRO team can deliver modern, scalable web applications custom-tailored to clients’ needs and growth goals. MCRO provides front-end engineering, back-end engineering, systems architecture, websites, web apps, platforms, and e-commerce.

– App Development – because there are apps for everything, mobile apps constantly impact how we live our lives. MCRO has recognized the benefits of apps and created a team of experts in the field to meet your needs. They will also deliver a product that will surpass your expectations. The services provided are: UI/UX Design, Compliance certification for app stores, Native or cross-platform app development, Testing of the mobile app, Publishing and maintenance of app stores

– Ideation and product strategy – Successful digital products are built around product strategy. MCRO team works together to transform their ideas into a product strategy that is focused, goal-oriented and can be implemented successfully. The dedicated team will help you understand your users and align their needs with your company’s goals. They also assist in designing strategies for success.

– UX/UI Design – UX/UI Design aims to identify and prioritize the most desired features. MCRO’s strategy and UX team can develop intuitive and tailored solutions to meet our clients’ specific business goals using industry-leading best practices and the latest technology tools.

– Cloud Infrastructure – the team of DevOps engineers and infrastructure architects is here to help you optimize and scale your business at every stage of your cloud journey. This also increases security as data is kept separate from other users. MCRO team can help you with everything, from cloud strategy and assessment to infrastructure setup, migration and maintenance.

MCRO – app and web development for your next projects

MCRO team is recognized for the quality in mobile app development, which can be observed in the many projects that turn out to be successful.

It is not easy to find a mobile app development company. Every business has criteria that must be respected to create engaging and attractive mobile apps. MCRO has a comprehensive portfolio that proves its experience in this field. For example, Conference Compass is one of the mobile solutions that offer powerful software solutions for virtual, hybrid and live events. The MCRO team accepted the challenge to develop the fully customizable app and make, in response to 2020 events, a transition from live to virtual and hybrid events. They successfully implemented a customizable white label app using React Native. They developed the mobile platform into a Virtual Event one. The platform now allows live streaming and recording, chatting, live polling, QA sessions, real-time analytics and a user-friendly web app for event programming, letting users access it from any device.

“We consider MCRO as one of the best choices when it comes to app and web development. Our team of engineers can create amazing mobile apps and websites to help your business thrive and grow. We have extensive experience with the latest technologies, business perspectives, and the necessary skills to bring any client’s idea to reality. As we are now recognized as one of the top web and mobile app developers, based on our clients’ reviews and opinions, we have to strive even more to achieve our client’s goals and deliver beyond their expectations. This recognition not only honours us but also obliges us to do more” – Alex L, CEO MCRO.

Are you looking for a dedicated platform for web and app development? Stop looking further and check the MCRO agency that is specialized in these services. When developing a mobile app or a website, you need to pick the ideal platform for your business needs and budget. You have to think about the future of your business.

About MCRO

MCRO is a full-stack team of developers who build great mobile apps, websites and web-based platforms according to the client’s needs and requirements. The developers and designers from MCRO are experts in their domain and are ready to bring your business to another level.


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