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Revisiting WP-Members Plugin

A few years back, I wrote a short book on how to put together a membership website using WordPress and different membership site plugins.

Recently, a client asked me about protecting a discussion website. I thought I’d look at WP-Members by RocketGeek again. It was the “cheapie” membership option I explored in the book.

The Good News

WP-Members is still

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Affiliated Marketing

What is affiliated market?
Affiliated marketing is a way through which individuals can promote a product which you like and earn a commission out of it all. Of us have participated in affiliated marketing in one way or the other. For e.g. when you purchase of a product online there is an affiliated person who earns some amount of profit

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How Is CRM Customization Beneficial for Your Business?

Many businesses think, why they should use CRM Customisation. We will take a look at different factors related to customization of CRM. At the start, it is essential to understand what customization is needed. Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for maintaining and managing all the company related relations and interactions with customers.

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Emerging Trends for Mobile App Development

The increasing demand for more functional apps has led to widespread interest in mobile app development, especially among the self-employed, and independent game developers. Anyone can create an app that could become the next smash hit, like, the indie game, Flappy Bird, which earned 50 thousand dollars every day, at the peak of its popularity, which led to a huge

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Why Should One Choose PHP for Website Development?

About the company

The company is a one-stop solution to all customers’ web requirements. The PHP website development company in India provides unique design and content to its customers. It also consists of web design and development, SEO, SEM, analytics, social strategy and conversion optimization. The company hires PHP developers as it is in demand. It strives to give a … Read More

Digital Marketing Company New Delhi

The significance of Online Marketing lies in its capability to attract and engage the crowd, who are more than likely to get some answers concerning your image and may be adequately absorbed to purchase what you convey to the table. Offering what you ensured will empower you to develop a powerful relationship with them, which ultimately influences them to advance

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