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We’re Increasingly Disconnected and That Has Consequences

Sept. 16, 2022 – You brought your computer home from work “for 2 weeks” in March 2020 and stayed home for 2 years. Schools went virtual. Club meetings got canceled. Gyms closed.

Friends and family became off-limits. Remember avoiding other people on the street?

It’s gotten better since the outbreak, but we’ve remained in relative isolation far longer than expected.

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Exciting New Features in Safari 16

Apple has released an OS update. Packaged in with it is the latest version of Safari, 16.

Expected to be released ahead of next month’s macOS 13, Safari 16 is packed with updates, making it one of the most capable browsers available.

For web designers, the significance is the forward momentum in web technologies that enable freer design work and

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Exciting New Tools for Designers, September 2022

The Summer’s over, and we’re back at our desks to discover that the web’s best app builders, font designers, asset creators, and developers have been hard at work to deliver this bumper collection of exciting new tools for designers and developers.

Below you’ll find productivity apps, icons, gradients, AI, and some awesome new fonts. Enjoy!


CSS Scan

Forget right-clicking on

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Web Design/ Development Apps and Resources

HOW Design University 

What It Is: How Design University (How U) offers free and paid online lessons on graphic and interactive design, web design, intellectual property rights, and Adobe courses. It also has opportunities for those who would like to teach. This website can also be an enhancement or review course for those who want to be refreshed and improve

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Start your programming journey with basic HTML and CSS

Learn how to utilize the latest versions of HTML and CSS to build sleek, professional websites from scratch.

Since the dawn of the internet, basic HTML has been a prerequisite for anybody trying to build a webpage. Even if you’re not working in a technical position, having an understanding of HTML can help you better contribute to websites, format content

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