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Customer Journey Map How-To (+7 Template & Examples)

Houston (and by Houston, I mean businesses), we have a problem: According to Salesforce, 68% of customers expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations, but only 39% of customers feel that brands actually do this.

This is 🆖 (not good). So how do you make sure you’re actually being customer-centric?

Enter the customer journey map: A powerful tool

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The 10 Best B2B Sales Strategies to Land More Clients


That’s the number of new businesses registered in the United States in July alone. With more options for consumers to pick from, converting leads is becoming more difficult, especially for B2B sales teams. To make matters worse, sales reps keep repeating the same B2B sales mistakes without even knowing them.

To help you nurture more leads and close more

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4 Important Changes to Google Ads Extensions: What You Need

Yesterday, Google announced some changes to ad extensions—all of which are pretty good, but which may be a little confusing to beginner advertisers—so we’re clearing it all up in this post.

Enlarge image | View the Twitter thread.

The four updates are as follows:

  • Ad extensions are now called assets.
  • [Legacy] extensions easier to create and preview.
  • Combinations report
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The New Google Ads Destination Requirements Policy: What You

If you’re running Google Ads, you may have recently received an email from Google about a new Destination requirements policy. An email with scary words like “enforcing,” “disallowed ad experiences,” and “this policy change may affect your account.”

What does it all mean? What is a disallowed ad experience and how can you know if you have any? I dove

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67+ Free & Creative October Marketing Ideas


Costumes. Columbus Day. Candy Corn.



October is home to Financial Planning Month, LGBTQ History Month, Domestic Violence Month, and more. It’s also when we celebrate Do Something Nice Day, Black Poetry Day, Women in Business, and apparently, handbags. The point is, there are so many opportunities for creative and meaningful marketing that will help you to authenticate

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