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How Affiliate Marketing Became Synonymous With Fake Traffic

Guy Tytunovich is the founder and CEO of CHEQ, a leader in go-to-market security.

One of the key challenges of the modern-day go-to-market operation involves scaling leads, your pipeline and ultimately your revenue. Anyone can enjoy pinpointed success with a specific channel or campaign, but turning it into large-scale, predictable, reliable and consistent success over time is another

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Why we care about performance marketing

Performance marketing refers to a variety of online advertising programs where parties are paid when a specific action  is completed. It’s often associated with pay-per-click (PPC) models on search engines (where advertisers pay for clicks versus impressions). However, it isn’t limited to that, encompassing any marketing approach that’s tied to a specific action. 

In addition to the traditional affiliate relationships

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Digital Marketing Basics and Its Fundamental Importance Today

Digital marketing also known as web marketing, web advertising or web publishing is the part of marketing which uses web and online technologies including mobile phones, desktop computers and various other electronic media and social media platforms to advertise products and services worldwide.

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Scope of Digital Marketing and Its Career Opportunities in India

Organizations in India are changing their marketing strategies. From the time of traditional ways of marketing, today, every organization’s key marketing strategy is digital marketing. The scope of digital marketing is so vast in India, it has created an array of career opportunities.

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How to Create Amazing Personalized Promo Strategies?

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A Digital Marketing Expert should always try to make the best Personalized strategies while promoting on Digital Media Channels. Because the audience likes to interact more with Personalized promo rather than a Generic Promo. A Promo Can be Personalized on the basis of the user’s behaviour on the website, audience demographics, audience loyalty … Read More

Future of Digital Marketing

Mention digital marketing and you are constantly reminded of the changes that happen every day in this industry. We have crossed six months into 2021, and in this Covid-19 crisis, digital marketers are on the constant lookout for new strategies, tactics to gain customers for their customer’s products and services. As per industry experts, 2021 is the year when the

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How Do You Develop Your Online Community?

In a nutshell, to develop your online community you have to provide them with value. They want to be assured that the information you provide to them is accurate, honest, and most importantly that it works for them.

But what does your online community really want and need from you and how can you be sure you have it right? … Read More