Year: 2022

Fall Email Newsletter Ideas, Templates, and Subject Lines

It is hard to believe, but fall is just around the corner. Kids are heading back to school, and business owners are gearing up for the season. Restaurants are creating autumn-inspired menus. The latest fall fashions and decorations are filling up window displays, website pages, and social media ads. Local businesses are thinking up exciting offers, and ecommerce stores are

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The Best Time to Post on Facebook in 2022

Have you ever gotten one of those accidental haircuts where you can’t tell if you look chic and edgy or completely insane? Then you ask three friends and you get three really different answers?

Asking when’s the best time to post on Facebook is kind of like that. There are countless studies based on different criteria like engagement data, expert

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How to Find Topic Ideas for Your Content Strategy

Michael Bergbauer – September 22, 2022

A well-thought-out content strategy has become a vital piece for business’ digital marketing efforts. Building upon the core pages of your website with supporting content – such as blog posts, buyer’s guides, FAQ pages, etc. – is a great way to improve rankings, increase awareness of your business’s capabilities, and funnel additional traffic

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15 Best New Fonts, September 2022

Typefaces give expression to text, communicating personality in a way that no other design element can. And so, we put together this collection of the best new fonts we’ve seen on the web each month.

This month’s collection of fresh new fonts includes some typefaces that push boundaries in subtle but irresistible ways, a few retro fonts that evoke specific

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Digital Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Back in the day, people would simply visit a local shopping mall to browse storefronts in person, looking for the best deals available while they last. But in today’s age of mobile technology, social media, and online shopping, digital marketing has rapidly become the primary mode of engagement to spread the word about seasonal offerings.

This means that in order

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Microsoft Changes for Advertisers

Chuck Forbes – July 13, 2022

Previously our team has discussed how Google and Facebook are increasing their verification for advertisers as the growing need to protect the ad experience for marketers and searches surfaced. Microsoft has now joined the party, releasing a statement that they plan to implement a new advertiser verification feature.

What Does Advertiser Verification Do?

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